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15 Unexpected Facts About Saab Key Replacement You Didn't Know

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Saab Car Key Replacement

saab key programming near me car key replacement is something that most drivers will have to tackle in the near future. Saabs require keys that are special and have an identification chip.

If you have one of these issues the car won't start unless you have the other. However you can save a lot of money by acquiring it yourself instead of paying a dealer.


The loss of your car keys or lost is extremely unpleasant and stressful, especially if you only possess one functioning key. Thankfully, this problem is easily resolved with the help of a professional locksmith. If you're in the market for a SAAB key replacement, you can count on AutoLocks LTD to get the job done quickly and efficiently. We provide our services for 75% less than what a dealer would charge.

The 03-11 saab 9-3 key replacement owners have a unique issue with their car keys. These key fobs aren't all that durable and they tend to break down quite easily. Many people don't even have a spare key, which is an extremely risky safety issue in the case of an emergency or an accident.

If you're considering adding an extra key, it will cost you about $400 at the dealer. You'll need a brand new key, transponder, and also to have your existing key programmed. This is done using the special tool known as Tech-2. Tech-2, which the dealer owns. The process is easy however you'll require some mechanical knowledge to successfully add the key. It is recommended to leave this to a professional. The first step is removing the emergency key from its case. This can be accomplished by inserting a flathead screwdriver into the slot located in the middle of the key fob. After a bit of work you will be able of splitting the key.


Modern Saab automobiles do not have keys made of steel to secure their vehicles. Instead, they employ an immobilizer system based on the recognition of a unique chip that is embedded in every key. This is why the car will only start when a specific type of key (called a "key-fob") is used to unlock the car and insert it into the ignition. This is one of the main reasons for a wise saab key fob owner to always keep a spare key handy.

The traditional metal keys are easy to copy however the issue is that the electronic component of a key fob needs to be matched to a specific car in order for the key to function. This matching is performed in the car's computer module that are known as CIM (Column Integration Module) or TWICE (Theft Warning Integrated Central Electronics). If you lose your only working key and you lose it, it will cost the dealer a significant amount to replace these modules as well as to program a new key.

Local locksmiths can modify the EEPROM chip of your car computer to make an entirely new key. This could save you up to 50% of what dealers would charge. We suggest you contact us as soon as you can if you lose your key. This will allow you to avoid the high cost of the dealership.


A transponder can be described as an electronic chip embedded in a key-fob that emits a unique signal. It is a part of the immobilizer which stops thieves from using stolen car key to start the vehicle. The transponder signal is picked up by a receiver near the ignition that decodes the serial number of the transmission. If the number is in line, the car starts. Most cars manufactured in the last two decades have transponder keys.

They are also utilized in airplanes. ATC uses them to identify friendly aircraft with a coded signal called IFF (Identification friend or foe). Certain aircrafts have mode C or Saab mode S transponders that transmit identifying codes as well as altitude information to ATC. They also support collision avoidance systems.

The metal parts of a standard Saab key are easy to duplicate, but the microchip that connects to the immobilizer is hard to duplicate. If you have one of these, it's essential to keep it safe.

Every saab key fob programming owner should have two working keys. If you lose only one and you lose it, it will cost an enormous amount to replace it. You'll have to purchase a special computer module and a second key and program the car to convince it that you are not trying to steal it.


Immobilizers add another layer of protection to stop thieves from hotwiring your car. They stop the engine from being started until the transponder on the key fob is valid. The majority of vehicles with immobilizers display a warning icon in the instrument cluster, indicating that the key is not inside. If you lose your keyfob you'll need to go to a dealer to disable it and obtain a replacement one.

These systems are based on the encryption of data between the transponder systems and the car. Recent research has revealed that these encryption sequences are able to be cracked by computers. They can also be bypassed by hackers who are able to read the messages that are sent back and back and forth on the CAN bus.

These systems are more sophisticated than conventional immobilizers, which use one fixed code. Newer versions use a system which rolls or changes codes to ensure that the systems are secure. Hackers can still crack these codes and use keys to start your vehicle. To combat this issue the DST80 was created with a longer sequence that would make it more difficult to determine. Researchers also managed to break it. It's essential to keep your keyfob in your pocket even when you're not in use.


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