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The Inside Track on Trendsetting Kitchen Cabinet Design That Take to t…

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You're thinking of adding some spice to your kitchen perhaps? Which better option to begin than focusing on your kitchen cabinet design. Kitchen cabinets, my dear will decide the success or failure of your kitchen's vibe. Here's some facts about how they're essential to design and function in kitchens. kitchen design.

First off, your kitchen cabinet design and overall kitchen design must be in sync together. Think of your cabinets like an ensemble; they have to match and the rest of the kitchen. Modern classic, traditional, rustic or something in between.

There's some evidence in interior design that indicates your cabinets could affect the size (or tiny) your kitchen feels. A study published in the Journal of Interior Design found that when cabinets work with the surrounding kitchen and the space is much larger and a lot more inviting. Cool, right?

Let's talk about colors. The color of your cabinets may completely change the look to your kitchen. If you're hoping for an airy and refreshing vibe lighter-colored cabinets are the ideal choice. If you're after a more warm and cozy look you should opt for darker colors. According to an Houzz survey white cabinets remain an excellent choice, however two-tone styles are also receiving some appreciation.

Now, a kitchen's gotta not just look good, it's essential to function properly too. This's where some advanced things come in. According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) has set out guidelines to determine the perfect size and arrangement of cabinets in order to ensure that they're as user-friendly as possible. So, depending on what you're keeping, you may require deep drawers for big dishes or glass-fronted cabinets for the perfect way to showcase your gorgeous glassware.

Then there's the issue of space. Ingenious kitchen cabinet designs are a great way to make the most out of your storage. An investigation in Ergonomics even suggests that floor-to-ceiling cabinets are good for reducing physical strain and improving accessibility.

The material you choose to use is extremely important. The strength and durability of your cabinets' design depend on what materials are chosen. Solid wood can give a nice look and is robust, however it can be pricier. MDF can be more affordable and mimics the look of real wood, however it will not hold against moisture.

Not least and most important, it's those little things that count. The hardware you choose--handles knobs, or pulls can tie the whole look together. Here's a great fact: research shows that even small details like how the shape and finish of the cabinet hardware can greatly affect how you feel about how you feel about your kitchen space.

It's that simple, kitchen cabinet design is an amalgamation of style, practical considerations, and some very cool science. In your kitchen design adventure, make sure to enjoy it, because your kitchen should be a reflection of your personal style. It's personal space and rules. Let's create a kitchen with a style that's as cool as you are!


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