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Sex cult leader Keith Raniere's legal team is accusing forensics experts of not being truthful and have claimed photo evidence of child porn used to convict him was photoshopped.
Raniere was sentenced to 120 years in prison in 2020 for child porn, sex trafficking, racketeering, forced labor and wire fraud conspiracy after an investigation of his cult, NXIVM.
But in a May legal filing, his lawyers claimed the FBI had planted evidence that helped secure the conviction.
Now Raniere's experts have shared new photos and evidence exclusively with, claiming a senior FBI agent gave false testimony in Raniere's trial and another was prevented from testifying after he was mysteriously sent away abroad.
In an interview with, a top former FBI cyber forensics expert hired by Raniere's attorneys believes there were bungled procedures, manipulation of evidence and even an apparent effort to 'frame' the cult leader for his child sex conviction.
The claims come as the FBI is facing intense scrutiny over high-profile investigations. 
Keith Raniere, the leader of notorious sex cult NXIVM, was already on trial for running a ring of 'sex slaves' in March 2019, when he was hit with child porn charges of which he was later convicted.

He is currently serving a 120-year sentence 
Raniere's experts have shared new photos and files exclusively with which they claim show evidence of bungled procedures and manipulating evidence during a March 2018 FBI raid of a Halfmoon, New York property that Raniere had used
Investigators had claimed they found naked images of a 15-year-old with whom the cult leader had a sexual relationship on Raniere's DSLR camera and backup external hard drive (pictured)  
Republican lawmakers have accused the Bureau of suppressing a probe into alleged criminality by the First Son Hunter Biden, while a legal battle has erupted with allegations that a raid on former president Donald Trump's Florida home over classified documents he was keeping there was politically motivated. 
NXIVM, memek bernanah initially founded as a multi-level marketing company promoting personal development in 1998, became infamous for drawing in Hollywood actresses under the guise of a self-help course. 
Victims of a group within the cult told prosecutors how they were starved, sleep-deprived, and even branded with Raniere's initials.
The cult leader was already on trial for running a ring of 'sex slaves' and other offenses in March 2019, when prosecutors dropped a bombshell by adding child porn charges to his rap sheet.
They found naked images of a 15-year-old with whom the cult leader had a sexual relationship on Raniere's DSLR camera and backup external hard drive. 
Prosecutors were able to prove the girl was underage by the timestamps on the photos.
However, Raniere's three cyber forensic experts say the files on the camera's memory card and the external hard drive appear to have been deliberately backdated by someone to make Raniere seem guilty, according to their own analysis of the evidence. 
Richard Kiper, who used to train the trainers of FBI cyber forensics experts before he retired in 2019, told that the Canon camera was made in 2004, but the timestamps on some of the photos were from 2003.
Kiper also claimed that metadata on one of the photos shows it was manipulated in Adobe Photoshop. 
Forensics experts hired by Raniere's legal team conducted their own investigation and claim the metadata on one of the photos shows it was manipulated in Adobe Photoshop, according to their report
The report also claims there was 'extensive evidence of tampering' on the camera's memory card that would have taken place while it was in FBI custody 
Experts believe that there 'were several evidentiary items' on the desk that were initially ignored and later seized
Other disturbing inconsistencies highlighted in a forensics report he wrote for Raniere's legal team include:
The FBI conducted two forensic studies of the Raniere camera card but in the second study, the NXIVM leader's team claimed 37 photos had been added.The preview image for one of the photos on the camera card was a blonde woman, but the same file on the hard drive backup was a brunette, suggesting manual manipulation of the material.Metadata said, impossibly, some of the photos were edited before they were supposedly taken.While in the custody of the FBI, someone accessed the camera card without proper protections leading to dates on files being altered. Files on the hard drive were made to look like they were created in an automatic backup in 2009, but were in fact manually arranged and backdated, according to the report.The government said in their courtroom response that Raniere's claims are 'frivolous' and pointed to other evidence supporting the child porn conviction.
The victim herself, Camila, testified that Raniere met her age 13, and photographed her nude and had sex with her at 15, when he was 45.
Texts obtained by journalist Sarah Berman in her book on NXIVM show Raniere later telling Camila his slaves would 'be branded with my monogram'.
'Branded like cattle?' she replied.

'You want to burn me?'
'You don't want to burn for me?' Raniere responded. 
But despite the chilling testimony, the cult leader's legal team believe they have a chance to have his convictions thrown out over the FBI's alleged bungles and fabrications.
Their report points to alleged 'anomalies with the FBI search', such as the unusual manner in which agents collected evidence from Raniere's study at a home in Halfmoon, New York in March 2018. 
Raniere first accused the FBI of planting child porn on his computers and cameras in an effort to send him to prison, in court documents filed in May this year 
In an exclusive interview with, former FBI cyber forensics expert Richard Kiper - who was hired by Raniere - alleged there are several inconsistencies in the FBI's analysis of evidence
They claim that investigators 'bypassed' several areas of the home and went 'straight to a study area where, under a desk, were the very first two evidentiary items they collected: the Canon digital camera along with its camera card.'
Those two items were, 'notably,' the 'only two pieces of digital evidence the government used to prove the child pornography and child exploitation RICO acts, which would stem from an allegedly accidental discovery of photos eleven months later,' the report states. 
They also singled out one FBI forensic expert, Brian Booth.
Booth told the jury that information in photo files called 'EXIF data', which includes creation dates, were hard to change and so the dates of the photos could be relied on.
In fact, according to Kiper: 'I taught my grandson how to do this within a minute.

Not even using a special tool, just using Windows features.'
'There really is no excuse for a senior forensic examiner to represent to the jury that EXIF data is very difficult to modify,' he said.
Booth, who conducted the prosecution's second analysis of the camera card and hard drive in June 2019, admitted during the trial that he received the card in an unsealed evidence bag and there was an incomplete chain of custody log.
Close friend and legal team manager Suneel Chakravorty (pictured) told he became suspicious after one forensic expert who examined the evidence was later sent overseas
Kiper said this was a severe violation of FBI evidence handling rules, but Booth told the jury that receiving unsealed evidence was not unusual and that the log didn't need to be updated every time the evidence bag was opened.
'During his testimony on the third-to-last and second-to-last day of evidence during jury trial, Brian Booth, a senior forensic examiner for the FBI, testified falsely while under oath on the stand,' Raniere's lawyer Joseph Tully wrote in a report summarizing his experts' findings, obtained by
'All three areas where Booth committed perjury, specifically covered up the tampering and enabled the government's false narrative based on the tampering.'
The first forensic examination in April 2019 was by FBI Senior Forensic Examiner Stephen Flatley, who was then sent overseas to Ghana, preventing him from testifying, the report said.
Raniere's close friend and legal team manager Suneel Chakravorty told the move left him deeply suspicious, after he discovered that Flatley had testified in another case that EXIF data was unreliable, contrary to Booth's claims in court.
'During one of the most high-profile trials of his career, the US vs Raniere, international media, multiple documentaries - and he has to go to Ghana, while he's holding the second most important piece of evidence, which is the camera card,' Chakravorty said.
Victims of the cult told prosecutors how Raniere and other leaders brandished them with a burning piece of metal 
A court sketch of Raniere in June 2019 when he was convicted of seven counts including child porn and sex trafficking
'It's very odd to me that it just so happened that the guy they scurried out of the country had a completely opposite view of the metadata.'
Kiper told that one FBI agent, Michael Lever, allegedly broke protocol by taking the camera and card out of the evidence locker twice for a total 24 days in September 2018, before the Bureau conducted its forensic analysis.
Kiper's report filed with Raniere's legal submission in May this year claims that while Lever had the card, it was accessed without proper protections and some files were altered as a result.
Tully claimed in his report that prosecutors somehow knew they would be filing additional charges against Raniere weeks before the FBI said they discovered the child porn.
Assistant US Attorney Moira Penza told the judge the Justice Department 'continues to expect a superseding indictment [new charges] in this case' on January 9, 2019.
But the FBI reports say they didn't find the shocking photos until February 21, 2019.
On March 13, 2019, the government filed its charges of possession of child pornography and sexual exploitation of a minor.
'How did AUSA Penza know the contraband photos would be found over a month later?' Tully wrote, claiming the statement was 'highly suspect'. 
NXIVM was partially bankrolled by Seagram's heiress Claire Bronfman (seen left in 2019) who was prosecuted alongside Raniere and actress Allison Mack (right) who was sentenced to three years in prison

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NXIVM was partially bankrolled by Seagram's heiress Claire Bronfman, who was prosecuted alongside Raniere and pleaded guilty to conspiracy to conceal and harbor illegal aliens for financial gain and to fraudulent use of identification in April 2019.
Her lawyer, Duncan Levin, said the evidence of tampering by the FBI was cause to throw out all the NXIVM convictions.
'Society cannot live in a world where law enforcement is tampering with evidence,' he said. 
'If these allegations are true, it means that all of the defendants in the case should have all of the charges thrown out.

There should be no opportunity for a do-over for the government.'



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